Welcome To Our New {Wallpapered-Within-An-Inch-Of-It's-Life!} Home!!!

So, I feel like I can finally show you around our new home now the dust has settled since moving in. . . actually there's dust flippin' everywhere from ripping walls and ceilings down! We moved in on the 4th December last year and the reno has well and truly started!

Myself and my husband {and our doggo!} lived in a tiny little two-bed end of terrace for a couple of years before we moved. We did lots of work on the place; plastering and painting, a new bathroom, updated the kitchen; and, while we loved it there, we knew it wasn't going to be our forever home. We wanted to move somewhere with a bit more space, somewhere with lots of potential for us to really make it our own. We love a project, so a house that needed to be fully updated was the dream. We'd kept an eye out for various properties in the area to see what the market was like. It felt like as soon as we decided we were going to put our house on the market and start viewing some places, it appeared! THE ONE! Surely this wasn't it already?! So, we arranged a viewing and I tried not to pee my pants with excitement in the meantime! 

When we arrived at the property viewing, I kept telling myself to play it cool. Don't fall in love with it. It's just a house. There will be more if this one doesn't work out. So, in we went. It was perfect! {Doh!} I mean, it was suuuper dated. The house was built in the 80s and hadn't been touched since! There was green carpet everywhere. Each room had crazy artex ceilings. There was wallpaper on every wall. Every. Single. Wall. But that didn't matter. It was clear that the house had been very well loved, so we wouldn't feel guilty about ripping stuff out just because we didn't like the look of it. It ticked all the boxes {cliché, i know!}. 

So, after an accepted offer and a completed sale on our house, we were in there like swimwear. And we are absolutely buzzing! A proper project house. EVERYTHING needs doing! And in a cool 'let's make it pretty' way, not a 'shit, everything's falling down' way. Our original plan was to move in and start ripping stuff out straight away, but with both me and Dan crazy-busy with work in the lead-up to Christmas, we kind of put things on hold for a bit. This was actually really great as it meant we got to see how we would use the space, rather than just working from our ideas from our initial viewing. 

We've started the renovation process now, you may have seen a few updates in my Instagram stories. I just thought I'd share with you the estate agent photos of the house so you get to see a true 'before' image of the place.



This is the house from the front. We've got a few bits to do out here; take some of the shrubs out to create more parking, paint the front door and garage door. But overall we like how the front of the property looks.



Here's the lounge. I know, I know, you're jealous of the green carpet! This is the previous owner's furniture FYI, although I was a huge plan of that G-Plan sideboard! Plan in here is to remove the weird 80s gas fire, lay parquet flooring and fit new rads. All the ceilings are being plastered smooth throughout the whole house and the walls will be painted white. So adventurous! 



Ahh, the kitchen! I've definitely been chewing your ear off about this room on social media! So, we've already taken the high cabinets off the walls and knocked the wall on the right down. We're getting new base cabinets and appliances and putting shelves up on the wall on the left. I'm still stuck at Procrastination Station about all the other details so you'll have to watch this space for updates!



This is the main bedroom, complete with Art Deco wallpaper and THAT green carpet. I told you it was everywhere! Not too sure about plans for this room yet. I'm toying with the idea of dark walls but don't know if it's a bit too cray for me! We don't have floorboards upstairs, unfortunately, so we're trying to decide what flooring to go for. 



The ensuite will be getting a re-jig. The sink will be moved next to the toilet and the shower will go on the left. We're going to take some of the space from the built-in wardrobe adjacent to create a walk-in shower {whoop!}.



This is the second bedroom. It's a great size, especially compared to the shoe-box of a second bedroom in the old house! This will become a studio / workspace area, as well as somewhere for guests to stay. Any recommendations for decent sofabeds would be greatly appreciated!



This beautiful beige suite and tiling combo in the main bathroom will be getting ripped out as soon we've finished renovating the downstairs area of the house. And, yes, that is more green carpet! Carpet in a bathroom. Seriously?!



And the back garden. It's seems a bit smaller than the garden at our last property, but the shape is definitely better. The previous garden was long and thin, which the dog loved doing zoomies up and down, but you couldn't really use all of the space. We'll be clearing a couple of randomly placed trees and bushes and having a bit of a tidy up this spring, and we eventually hope to use some of the space to start growing some yummy fruit and veg!


There's also a downstairs toilet, a utility room, a garage, a third bedroom and the dining room, but the original listing didn't have photos of these areas so I'll share these with you another time.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the property! I'm absolutely in love, despite how much of a mess it is at the moment. Have any of you guys tackled a house renovation? Tell me your stories. I'll pop the kettle on . . .



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